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500W Digital TV Transmitter


Specifications:Professional for TV Station

Product introduction:This product can be equipped with various standard exciters such as terrestrial digital television national standard (DTMB) and DVB-T2 to form various standard digital television transmitters.

ZHC518D-500W Digital TV Transmitter

●All solid-state digital TV transmitter, bandwidth is 6-8MHZ.
●Pre-distortion correction, dual-exciters switch automatically.
●High Linearity LDMOS Power Amplifier, high-gain power amplifier module, parallel switching power supply, it is a high-efficiency transmitter.
●Telemetry and remote control by computer, web-based interface and software.
●Good man-machine interface, full automatic switch the machine with one key.
●Multi protection (over voltage, over current, overheating, large standing-wave ratio ...)high reliability, 24 hours continuous works.


Technical Specifications:
1. Working frequency
2. Channel bandwidth
3. Output power
4. Output impedance
5. Output interface
            7/16”or 7/8”Flange
6. Output load return loss:     Normal operation: -32dB
                                    Allowed operation: -20dB
7. Power input level
8. Amplifier input impedance
9. Amplifier input interface
10.Useless transmission:        ≤-60dB
11.Band fluctuations:            ±0.5dB
12.Band shoulder:               better than 36dB
                         better than 30dB