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5KW FM Transmitter


Specifications:5KW FM Stereo Transmitter (Hot-plugin)

Product introduction:The 5KW FM Stereo Transmitter (Hot-plugin) is a high-performance broadcast-grade stereo FM broadcast transmitter for wireless coverage of professional broadcast stations.

5KW FM Stereo Transmitter

The 5KW FM Stereo Transmitter (Hot-plugin) is a high-performance broadcast-grade stereo FM broadcast transmitter for wireless coverage of professional broadcast stations. Considering the high reliability of the transmitter, in the design concept, the transmitter adopts redundant design in key parts in order to achieve long-term stable operation of the transmitter. Because of the hot-plugin structure, the transmitter's components can be repaired and restored without stop working.



1. Redundant of output RF power: It is efficiently synthesized by four 1.5KW hot-plugin modules, and four 2500VA hot-plugin switching power supplies.

2. Stable output power: The intelligent automatic power control technology (AGC) is adopted to ensure that the output power does not change with the startup time and the ambient temperature. The power stability is controlled within 10W.

3. Dual-exciter configuration: adopting dual-exciter intelligent automatic switching (spare exciter and switcher are optional), which can further improve the reliability of the whole machine.

4. Digital FM Exciter: It adopts a fully digital CD-level FM exciter, which can directly receive digital audio signals (AES / EBU), and the listening effect is close to the CD level.

5. Friendly man-machine interface: 8-inch true-color touch LCD display, real-time display of various parameters in the machine, without any training, you can operate under the screen prompts.

6. Complete protection functions: with over-power protection, over-reflection power protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection; and can intelligently adjust the output power when some power amplifier modules fail, while maintaining the maximum safe power broadcast, It can also guarantee that the fault will not be enlarged.

7. True hot-plugin function: under any circumstances, the power amplifier module and power module can be plugged in without stopping, and the transmitter can be repaired and restored without stopping.

8. Timing automatic adjustment of output power: Through on-site settings, the transmitter can automatically adjust the output power at different times of the day, bringing convenience to the economic operation of the radio.

9. Advanced remote-control telemetry interface: you can access any parameters inside the transmitter through RS232 / RS485 or interface TCP / IP network interface.

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Technical Specifications:

1. RF frequency range                    87MHz108MHz

(other frequencies can be customized), stepping 10kHz

2. Output power                          0~5000W continuously adjustable

3. Allowable deviation of output power   ± 10%

4. Output power stability                 ± 3%

5. Output impedance                     50Ω

6. RF Output Interface:                   1-5/8' Flange

7. Residual wave radiation                -75dB

8. Parasitic amplitude modulation         -50dB

9. Carrier Frequency precision:          ±200Hz

10. Analog audio input                    -12dBm ~ +8dBm

11. Input audio Level Gain                 -15dB~+15dB Step 0.1dB

12. Analog audio input impedance         600Ω balance

13. AES input impedance                  110Ω balance

14. AES input level                        0.2~10Vpp

15. AES sampling rate                     30kHz ~ 96kHz

16. RDS input                          Unbalanced (optional) BNC type connector

17. Pre-emphasis:                         0μS50μS75μS

18. Audio response:                       ±0.01dB (30Hz15000Hz)

19. Left and right channel level difference <0.01dB (100% modulation)

20. Stereo separation                     ≥70dB (30Hz 15000Hz)

21. Stereo signal-to-noise ratio           ≥90dB (1KHz, 100% modulation)

22. Distortion                              0.01% (30Hz 15000Hz)

23. Cooling method                       Forced convection

24. Temperature range                    -5 + 45

25. Chassis dimensions                   19 inches

wide (777mm) × height (1523mm) × depth (950mm)

26. Transmitter weight                    400kg