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1KW Analog TV Transmitter


Specifications:1KW Compact TV Transmitter Professional used for TV Station

Product introduction:This Transmitter is a high-standard, broadcast-level all-solid-state Compact design analog TV transmitter.

ZHC518A-1000W/C2 Analog TV Transmitter


This Transmitter is a high-standard, broadcast-level all-solid-state Compact design analog TV transmitter. It uses a new software radio technology to achieve the TV modulation function; the use of international high-quality LDMOS high-power field effect tube to achieve radio frequency amplification, the output power can be 1000W.

The TV transmitter is mainly composed of a TV modulation unit and an RF power amplification unit. Among them, the TV modulation unit uses the new FPGA + DDS to realize the software TV modulation function, while obtaining superior technical indicators while ensuring reliability and performance consistency; the RF power amplification unit uses international high-quality LDMOS high-power field effect transistors, Analog/Digital Compatible, stable and reliable.

The whole Transmitter adopts 19 "standard stainless steel case, suitable for all levels of TV stations.



It adopts new FPGA + DDS technology to realize software-based TV modulation function, with superior performance, high reliability and good consistency.

It adopts the integrated structure design, and the single-channel image sound combination type is easy to install and use.

It has the functions of no video, excessive standing wave ratio, over power, over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection to reduce equipment damage.

With intelligent network management and monitoring, with RS232 and TCP / IP communication interfaces.

It’s using high-quality switching power supply, with over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit, lightning protection and other protection measures, high efficiency, good voltage regulation range, strong ability to adapt to external power changes.

It adopts high-quality high-flow axial flow fan, with good heat dissipation effect, keep the transmitter in a low temperature state, and extend the life of the transmitter.


ZHC518A-1000W/C2 Analog TV Transmitter Diagram


Technical Specifications:


Overall performances:

1. Operating frequency band:   VHF / UHF

2. Image carrier frequency deviation: ± 300Hz

3. Output power:              1000W

4. Output impedance:          50Ω

5. Inter-modulation distortion: -50dB

6. Useless emission:          -50dB inside adjacent channels;

-65dB outside adjacent channels

7. RF output interface:       7/16” female

8. Power supply:             single phase 220VAC / 110VAC

9. Cooling method:           forced air cooling

10. Working environment temperature: -10~+45

11. Dimensions: 483mm(width)x177mm(height)x650mm(depth)

12. Weight:                  35Kg


Image performance:

1. Video input level:                   1VP-P positive polarity

2. Video input impedance:             75Ω

3. Video in-band reflection loss:        35dB

4. Video input interface:               BNC-K

5. Periodic clutter signal-to-noise ratio: 55dB

6. Continuous random wave SNR:      60dB (weighted),

55dB (un weighted)

7. Group delay:                       ±30ns

8. 2T square wave distortion:          1%

9. Distortion of brightness waveform:  1.2%

10. Non-linear brightness distortion:   3%

11. Differential gain DG:              ≤±3%

12. Differential phase DP:             ≤±3°

13. Color / bright gain difference:     1%

14. Color / bright delay difference:    ±5ns

15. Modulation degree:               87.5%


Sound performance:

1. Sound / image carrier power ratio: -10dB

2. Sound carrier frequency deviation: ± 200Hz

3. Audio input level:                 0dBm ± 6dBm

4. Audio input impedance: 600Ω balanced or 10KΩ unbalanced

5. Audio input interface:             XLR-K / BNC-K

6. Sound modulation capability:       >±100KHz

7. FM signal-to-noise ratio:           70dB

8. Amplitude-frequency characteristic: ± 1dB

9. AM noise (no modulation):         -55dB

10. Internal carrier noise (100% modulation): -50dB

11. Harmonic distortion:              0.3%

12. Maximum frequency deviation:    ± 50KHz

13. Pre-emphasis time constant:      50us